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Extractions and Evacuations

In challenging and contested environments, ensuring the safety and swift extraction of individuals and assets is of utmost importance.

Audere is experience in providing extractions and evacuations in situations where security risks, conflict, or other hostile conditions present significant challenges.

Our Specialised Services:

  • Complex Evacuations:
    We assist clients in evacuating personnel from conflict zones, war-torn areas, and other hostile environments.
  • Intelligence-Led Operations:
    We utilise intelligence and situational awareness to plan and execute extractions and evacuations, allowing us to make informed decisions and effectively mitigate risks.
  • High-Risk Personnel Extractions:
    Members of our team are experienced in extracting individuals facing imminent danger, whether due to political unrest, kidnappings, or other threats.
  • Asset Retrieval:
    We offer secure asset retrieval services in contested regions, including the recovery of critical equipment, valuable assets, documents, or sensitive data.

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The Audere Group protects and empowers clients active in complex commercial and operational landscapes, including contested environments, where others don’t always play by the rules.


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