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Travel Risk Management

Traveling for business or leisure can expose individuals and organisations to a range of risks, from health and safety concerns to security and logistical challenges.

To ensure safe and efficient travel experiences, Audere provides comprehensive Travel Risk Management services tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Audere has extensive experience in the field of Travel Risk Management, employing a proactive and holistic approach to identifying, mitigating, and responding to potential risks.

Our services centre around the following pillars:

  • Risk Assessments:
    In-depth analysis of the country, including geopolitical stability, health risks, and local security conditions.
    Evaluation of individual traveller profiles and their specific requirements.
  • Customised Travel Plans:
    Tailored Intelligence Movement Instructions (IMI)
    Recommendations for accommodation, transportation, and other logistics
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support:
    Continuous monitoring of local security conditions, real-time threat alerts
  • GPS tracking of vehicles and personnel
    Emergency Rapid Response Teams and crisis management assistance
  • Security Measures:
    Comprehensive intelligence and security briefings
    Secure transportation arrangements and options
  • Communication and Reporting:
    Streamlined communication to our Security Operations Centre
    Regular reporting and analysis of travel risk data to enhance future planning

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