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Audere can provide specialist medical training through our partners to equip high-risk advisors, close protection operatives, and first responders with the life-saving skills and knowledge needed to deliver critical medical care in high-stress, tactical environments.

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training programme is designed to ensure that participants are prepared to respond effectively to casualties in the field, thereby enhancing their ability to save lives in challenging situations.

Care Under Fire

  • Learn how to provide immediate medical care while under threat.
  • Master techniques for returning fire, taking cover, and addressing life-threatening bleeding with tourniquets and pressure dressings.

Tactical Field Care

  • Understand the “MARCH” acronym for prioritising treatment.
  • Gain proficiency in managing airways, respiration, circulation, and preventing hypothermia.
  • Learn wound management and the use of haemostatic agents.

Casualty Evacuation Care

  • Prepare casualties for safe transport while continuing treatment.
  • Secure and package casualties for evacuation to higher levels of care.

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